Tablet Drawing

To get a good quality tablets, than we need good quality of tablet design.We shouldn’t underastimate tablet design operation.With a good design we can avoid some tabletting problems, such as;

  • Sticking/Picking
  • Capping/Lamination
  • Corrosive Formulations
  • Abrasive Formulations
  • Formulation Compressibility
  • Temperature Sensitivity

Tablet design is as important as steel selection and coating to avoid above problems.
Before make a new tablet design, we should now below tablet terminology:
Major Axis: The lasgest dimension of a shaped tablet
Minor Axis: The smallest dimension of a shaped tablet
End Radius: The Radius on any side of a oval or capsule shape tablet.
Side Radius: The Radius on any side of an oval or modified shape tablet.
Band: The center section of a tablet between the cup profiles.
Compound Cup: A cup profile which consist of two or more radius.
Embossed Tablet: numbers, letters or logos(raised) on punch face.Embossed punch tip creates debossed tablet.
Debossed: numbers,letter or logos(depressed) on punch face.Debossed punch tip creates embossed tablet.

Tablet Shapes

There are many tablet shapes we can offer and there are also many industries which tablets used for. For example:automotive,batteries,soaps,fertilizers,buttons,dishwasher detergent tablets.round tablets are simple and easy to set-up.Shaped tablets are, oval,oblong,caplet,square,triangle etc.Exotic shape tablets are more unique than round and special shape tablets.

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